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Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services in Assisted Living

We provide physician-prescribed rehabilitation services including Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy. Rehab services costs are billed through Medicare, and are a separate charge from your assisted living monthly bill.

Our owner trains our staff on maintaining and increasing resident’s overall functional ability.

Each resident has an individual care plan detailing what prescribed rehab services they are to receive, with a specific time schedule (daily, weekly, etc.) In addition, even for those residents who do not have a prescription for rehab services, BCM staff keep overall functional ability in mind.

For instance, we take the extra time to encourage residents to walk rather than using wheelchairs for mobility.   While this may take increased time, we realize the benefits of maintaining the ability to walk helps our residents with all aspects of their daily living.

We also incorporate movement and speech or singing into many of our assisted living activities.

Learn More About Our Rehabilitation Services

If you are considering assisted living facilities for your loved one and want more information about Broad Creek Manor or our rehab services, please call us or email us to get more information or to schedule a visit.