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Assisted Living Dining

assisted living dining
dining at assisted living facilities
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The Assisted Living Dining Experience

The assisted living dining experience at Broad Creek Manor is a delicious one. We provide nutritious, home-cooked meals that focus on the individual dietary needs of our residents. We have a varied menu plan each week, which is preapproved by a licensed dietician. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided and the cost is included in the monthly fee.

We recognize that for older adults, proper nutrition can be the difference between good health and illness. Poor eating habits can lead to or exacerbate:

  • Malnutrition
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol

Eating a balanced diet, on the other hand, can boost the immune system and boost mental function. Healthy eating helps manage existing health problems. We strive to make mealtime an experience our residents enjoy by providing good meals with healthy proteins as well as plenty of fruits and vegetables. We take advantage of the bounty that Harford County farms have to offer. And that includes the fresh vegetables our Garden Club grows on the premises!

Special Diets

As part of your loved one’s personalized care plan, our kitchen staff takes special precautions to avoid exposing our residents to any food allergens or foods that might exacerbate a medical problem. We can provide gluten-free options, dairy-free, low sugar diets, low carb diets, vegetarian diets, etc. to meet the nutritional needs of each one of our residents.

We carefully track how often and how much our residents are eating. If we notice a loss of appetite or an increased appetite, the medical team and the family are notified. A change in appetite can be related to medications, a health issue, or just an off day. Together, we come up with a plan of action as needed to find the root cause of a concerning change in appetite that goes on for more than a day.

Additional Options

In addition to healthy daily meals, we offer:

  • Coffee/Tea Bar and snacks are available daily.
  • Birthday meals: Each resident gets to select a special meal and dessert on their birthday to be shared with all the residents.
  • Grilling and picnics on the patio.
  • Occasional Happy Hour.
  • Special meals for holidays.

We realize that good food and a pleasant dining experience are essential components of a happy life which we provide with our assisted living dining.

Food Feedback

Our residents are regularly asked for their input on special dining options, as well as meals they would like to see included in our regular menu options. Daily feedback is welcome as well – sometimes our kitchen staff knows without anyone saying a word that they hit a meal out of the ballpark – everyone’s plate is completely clean.

But if food got pushed around the plate by more than one resident, our staff will ask specifically what residents didn’t like about a dish and make changes. We want everyone to look forward to mealtime and get the daily nutrition they need.

Guests Are Welcome

If you would like to join your loved one for a meal during your visit, you are more than welcome to do so. Please let us know ahead of time so that we may prepare enough food to serve you.

Schedule a Visit to Broad Creek Manor Assisted Living

Call or use our contact form to set up a visit to Broad Creek Manor Assisted Living. Whether you’re looking for a place for Mom, or Dad needs more help than you can provide, we can help. We offer an affordable assisted living option for seniors and their families. We’re based in northern Harford County, a short drive from Baltimore and Cecil counties in Maryland, and York and Lancaster counties in Pennsylvania.